Namasté, you LovelyStalkers
Hi! I'm Hanna, a 15-year-old girl from Hungary. This blog helps me to staying motivated in fitness & I especially like jump roping and yoga! I'm also interested in fashion and arts.
Aug 21st 2014
Aug 21st 2014



How to spend hours on the Internet without realizing a novel by me

Aug 21st 2014

Aug 21st 2014
Aug 21st 2014

Change is beautiful
Aug 21st 2014
Aug 21st 2014

Bambi + Indie blog
Aug 21st 2014

After a 20-minute flight over the city of New York, Stephen Wiltshire, diagnosed with autism, draws the whole town with only his memory.
Aug 21st 2014
Aug 21st 2014

Hey Everyone:)
After a big summer break, I’m searching for my new blog of the month!
So here are the rules:
   -REBLOG THIS (no likes pretty please)
   -MBF ME
What am I looking for:
   -an awsome blogger with an ‘about me’ page
   -an awsome theme
   -advantage if you also have personal posts
   -it’s highly recommended to be a fitness blog, but I check everyone so if I have a crush…
What you get:
   -inclusion in every promos
   -solo promos
   -a place on my blog
   -a new friend (me, haha:D)
Please have your mailbox open, cause I’ll choose on the 30th of August and if the person agrees, then I’m gonna release it on the 31th!
Aug 20th 2014